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At, we’re forecasting wins. Everyone seeks that crystal ball or fortune teller to be their guiding light on picks. That’s luck.

At, - it’s science. Mother Nature is always talking to us. Her words may seem random and chaotic. For most, her occasional wrath appears only to ruin a tailgate. But there is data in her thunder - those winds, rain and snow. SportsWeather has long been listening. Upon layering our sports-centric weather data over the historical performance of teams and players, the patterns are real.

It’s clear to anyone that when the ground crew must clear the yard lines of snow between plays, weather will impact the game. But what about quarterbacks who actually perform better or beat odds when it’s below freezing or above 85 degrees versus during ideal conditions? What about running backs who have their highest historical numbers when the temperature is between 40-50 degrees? Kickers who actually hit field goals more often in rain?

This is data. And this is science. And it’s also odds. Naturally.

There is always a line. In every game, your choice is which side of it you stand on. Over. Under. Point spreads. Total yards. They say the devil is in the details. But it turns out it’s not the devil at all – it’s Mother Nature. At times she screams and it makes the pre-game TV reports. But usually, she’s just only whispering. At, we’ve listened to every whisper and applied it scientifically to both player and teams’ historical performance.

And it is in these details that you’ll find which side of the line you’ll stand on.

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