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SportsWeather® allows you to add never-before-available weather-related insights to your betting or fantasy strategy. Sharpen your edge with access to organized historical, forecasted and real-time weather conditions. Quickly see how NFL and college football players and teams have performed under various weather conditions and more importantly, how the forecasted weather is likely to impact upcoming games, teams and individual player performance in non-dome events.

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Powerful tools to increase your edge. Win more and gain confidence with your selections.

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All relevant, key weather-related intelligence is right at your fingertips, all in one place, organized to give you rapid access to the strongest data.

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Team/Player Impact

Learn who stays hot when it's cold, who would rather stay home on a rainy day, and plan your next move based on key historical performance in weather.

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Game Weather Impacts.

Get text alerts three and one hour before games when key weather conditions will impact a contest between teams on your watchlist.

Sports Weather Analysis

Experts have long recognized weather conditions as a key factor impacting both team and player performance. SportsWeather® offers sophisticated analysis comparing both historical team and player performance against future impact under various weather conditions.

Unlike other sites that deliver only the most basic weather report at the start of a contest, SportsWeather® records an array of conditions throughout each game to give a more precise future picture of just how much weather impacts the performance of individual teams and their players over time. With this level of detail and analysis, performance patterns are more accurately identified and can be used as a factor within your overall strategy for both season-long and daily fantasy selections or sports betting decisions.

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